Pupil Council

Pupil Council Members 2016/2017

P1- Benjamin Moore

P2/1- Zoe Paterson

P2- Lyle Graham

P3-  Ryan Freel

P4- Kate Kilgallon

P5/4- Mark Young

P6/5- Charlotte Mulvey

P6- Olivia Murphy

P7- Annie Loi and Infinity Gracie

This year's Pupil Council is led by Mrs Morton, we meet every two weeks to discuss anmd share ideas of how to improve LPS! Our Pupil Council is made up of members from P1-P7.

All Pupil Council members are extremely enthusiastic and enjoy meeting to voice their own opinions and share their ideas for our wonderful school! We know and follow our rights within our Rights Respecting School and discuss these at meetings.

So far our Pupil Council members have been very busy working alongside the Eco Committee to improve our Mud Kitchen in the playground. Each member of the Pupil Council and Eco Committee helped to design and draw some items we needed for the Mud Kitchen and we put them althogether to create a fantastic leaflet for parents. This was a great idea and we have had lots of generous donations of utensils and kitchen appliances. We loved designing the posters and decided to print them onto A5 paper to be eco friendly and save our paper usage in the school.

Pupil Council have already generated excellent ideas to improve our school playground and the various activities and resources we have to offer children at playtime and lunchtime. We are working on a timetable so that each class can have a slot to use equipment such as hula hoops, beanbags and skipping ropes. We have been researching and thinking of how and where to store these resources. Once we have decided we will share our infomation at an assembly with all the other children in the school, keeping them up to date with our ideas.