Houses & House Captains

Lanark Primary School runs a House system.

This allows our children to work together across the school to be part of their House. We have four Houses, Braxfield, Jerviswood, Kildare and Lockhart. Throughout the year we have competitions and tournaments to gain House Points. Weekly House points are gained in the class and school, gathered and added together. At the end of each term the winning House will participate in a House Treat!

House Captains

Braxfield (Red House): Hollie Tough & Hyland Gracie

Jerviswood Blue House): Olivia Murphy & Connor Lindsay

Kildare (Green House): Bethany Lang & Megan Brownlie

Lockhart (Yellow House): Lori Anderson & Neve Devine


House Vice Captains

Braxfield (Red House): Lauren Jasperse

Jerviswood Blue House): Keira McCulloch

Kildare (Green House): Sophie Lithgow

Lockhart (Yellow House): Islay Cathcart


Winning Houses

August - October Term:

October - December Term:

January - April Term:

April - June Term: